How I Got Started

My days in the garment decorating business actually began while I was a high school teacher.  In addition to the academic classes I taught, I also managed the school spirit store and oversaw all garment fundraisers through Student Government.  During that time I was in those positions, I gained useful experience designing art for tee shirts, forming close relationships with screen printers and embroiderers, and mastering bookkeeping for all financials.  After leaving the education system to stay home with my young children, I craved a creative outlet and was interested in earning money from home.  After many years of development and living true to my nickname, "CreativeNess," my hobby of printing custom apparel and accessories has blossomed into IdentiTEES Unlimited.  I am proud that IdentiTEES Unlimited offers CUSTOM TEES, LIMITLESS POSSIBILITEES, and ORIGINAL IDENTITEES.

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